WorldIdol was born of a simple and distinct humanitarian vision, in terms of both its purpose to fund various critical charities, and the symbolic tool with which it raises such funds. We see the good deeds one does for his fellow man as the mark he leaves on the planet. Therefore, in establishing ourselves as a conduit for noteworthy figures to support the charities of their choice, their imprints on an earthen block are the very commodity with which these funds are raised.

Each celebrity donates his hand and footprints to be commemoratively taken on the symbolic block of earth, after which replicas are sold providing coveted objects of devotion for countless adoring fans, the proceeds of which go to the celebrity’s choice amongst our network of world charities. This clearly yields a magnificently potent revenue stream for these desperately needed magnanimous humanitarian, environmental, and animal preservation organizations around the globe.

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WorldIdol’s goal is to provide funding for nonprofit and charity organizations that improve humanitarian an ecological conditions throughout the world.


At WorldIdol, we believe that the global quality of living conditions depends on the sustenance of organizations and initiatives capable of intervening in humanitarian, environmental, and zoological crises.

We believe a small gesture such as these donations of hand and footprints can render cascading gestures that become a tidal wave of resources for these desperately-needed organizations who themselves are in desperate need.

We believe that being a singular hub of the whole process, we can dramatically increase the potential of this effect by maximizing awareness, access, ease, and simplicity for those interested in purchasing these meaningful tokens that in turn become life-saving funds.

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